Open letter to European Union

Together with 126 other organisations LAMMP signs open letter to the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the Member States of the European Union. Read the letter here.

ALERT Renewed attacks against Maxima

London 4th February 2016 Please stand in solidarity with Máxima and her family, and sign this Urgent Action by Thursday 11th February 2016 by emailing [email protected] (La versión española está disponible aquí) ** Update: 12th February 2016: The above Urgent action was delivered on Thursday 11th February with incredible solidarity and support from international organisations and individuals. …


What’s in your watch?

From the watch on your wrist to your DSLR camera, and even in the paint you spread on your canvas, there are traces of mineral resources mined from across the world, and extensively in South and Central America. There is no doubt that mineral extraction is the backbone for the industries of Fashion, Arts, Music …


The Lady of the Blue Lagoon versus the Black Lagoon

An in-depth article (in Spanish) on the life and struggle of Maxima Acuna Atalaya, published in the online magazine Etiqueta Negra. Throughout these lines, the author invites the reader to meet Maxima; a shy and discrete rural woman, who is challenging injustice, predatory extractivism and criminalisation against all odds. Both LAMMP and its sister organisation, …


Ecuadorian woman human rights defender meets MEPs in Brussels

London, 15 May 2015 Lina Solano is the president of the Frente de Mujeres Defensoras de la Pachamama, and the coordinator of the all-women network Union Latino Americana de Mujeres (ULAM). Both groups are driving forces for women human rights defenders (WHRD) across Latin America who are being criminalized and persecuted for resisting predatory extractivism …


Zenaida’s story

Whilst some in Venezuela are mourning the death of Hugo Chávez, the indigenous Yukpa people are mourning the death of their leader, Chief Sabino Romero, murdered on 3rd March. The story of his daughter Zenaida is told here.  

European Speakers’ Tour

LAMMP is pleased to announce that its second European Speakers’ Tour is under way. Four indigenous people from Venezuela, Guatemala and Peru will be meeting in Brussels, Geneva and London with members of parliament, government officials and NGOs to describe the problems they face.

Last Stand of the Yukpa

To mark the 12th of October, the day on which the arrival of Christopher Colombus in America in 1492 is commemorated, LAMMP denounces the silent ethnocide of the Yukpa indigenous people in the state of Zulia, Venezuela.