Zenaida’s story

Whilst some in Venezuela are mourning the death of Hugo Chávez, the indigenous Yukpa people are mourning the death of their leader, Chief Sabino Romero, murdered on 3rd March. The story of his daughter Zenaida is told here.  

The women of Cañaris

A meeting of the indigenous women’s group ONAMIAP (Indigenous Andean, Amazonian and Afro-Peruvian Women of Peru), held in early February, 2013, called for the authorities not to neglect their obligations and to guarantee, by complying with the law of a democratic state, the collective rights of the Cañaris community. The Cañaris are

European Speakers’ Tour

LAMMP is pleased to announce that its second European Speakers’ Tour is under way. Four indigenous people from Venezuela, Guatemala and Peru will be meeting in Brussels, Geneva and London with members of parliament, government officials and NGOs to describe the problems they face.

Last Stand of the Yukpa

To mark the 12th of October, the day on which the arrival of Christopher Colombus in America in 1492 is commemorated, LAMMP denounces the silent ethnocide of the Yukpa indigenous people in the state of Zulia, Venezuela.

Death in Totonicapan

We stand in solidarity with our Maya sisters and brothers in Guatemala and the families who have suffered the loss of lives due to violence on October 4, 2012. We express our profound concern and indignation for the events that took place in Totonicapan in the region known as Alaska along the Inter-American Highway. The …


Appointment of Trustees

We are looking for people to join our board who share our vision of a world where women and girls affected by mining projects are able to have an equal voice in the defence of their individual and collective rights and realise their aspirations for peaceful communities. LAMMP is a network of women and grassroots …


Checkmate for Barrick Gold

ARGENTINA’S SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS GLACIER PROTECTION LAW Straddling the high peaks of the southern Andes, the Canadian mining giant Barrick Gold’s $5Bn. Pascua Lama project, one of the company’s most controversial open-cast mining operations, looms menacingly over Argentina and Chile. The project, covering 2,600km2 between the two countries, will not only endanger the water sources …


Heavy police presence at Conga

Hundreds of police from the Special Operations Divison have appeared at the Conga mine in Peru. By agreement with the managers of the Newmont Mining Corporation, the workers are returning home every day. They start at 4 in the morning, and return at 4 in the afternoon. The police spend the night at the camp, …