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February 21, 2012  |  Events, News

LAMMP will be speaking at an important event hosted by the London Mining Network at Westminster to launch a report on the role of the city in mining.

UK Listed Mining Companies
and the Case for Stricter Oversight

Wednesday 7 March, 11am-12 noon, Room S, Portcullis House, Westminster, London SW1

London is the world’s major centre for raising finance for the mining industry. Mining companies seek London listings even if they have few connections with the UK, because of the enormous financial and reputational advantages that such listings bring. But what has been the impact of the UK’s ‘light touch’ regulation on the communities around the world who are most directly affected by those companies’ operations? And what about the reputation of the United Kingdom itself?

LMN’s report argues that authorities in the UK need to pay more attention to the record of mining companies seeking a London listing before they are accepted on a UK investment exchange; and that, once listed here, companies need to be more strictly regulated, to ensure that they do not violate human rights and environmental conventions to which the UK is a signatory. The report contains case studies which will be examined at the launch.

LMN’s report is published as Parliament discusses the Financial Services Bill, which will establish the new Financial Conduct Authority as the UK’s Listing Authority.

Speakers: Eric Joyce MP (APPG on the Great Lakes Region) Glevys Rondon (Latin American Mining Monitoring Programme) Peter Frankental (Amnesty UK) Richard Solly (London Mining Network) Roger Moody (Nostromo Research)

Chair: John McDonnell MP

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