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Declaration from the People’s Summit in Cajamarca

  “It is essential to reform our political system and laws which currently back this economic model. One of the hardest and most difficult manifestations of this model is the criminalization of the protest and the repression by the state-owned forces put at the service of the companies, which has …

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Letter on violations

We have written to the signatories of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights to express our grave concern about the continuing human rights violations against Máxima Acuña Chaupe in Peru.

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Rights trampled in Peru

The Irish organisation Front Line Defenders has published an in-depth analysis of the environmental situation in Peru together with a short video following a visit there.

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Peru’s dangerous environmental regression

Al Jazeera has produced a comprehensive analysis of the current situation in Peru around mining and the environment. Peru has substantially pared domestic environmental regulations — arguing that this is necessary to attract investment.  

Nuera de M con animales por casa de Maxima

Update on Máxima’s case

LAMMP has produced a summary of the on-going struggle of Máxima Acuña against the Yanacocha mine. At the time of writing, Máxima is visiting Europe (the European Commission in Belgium, the United Nations  and other groups in Switzerland, and NGOs in France).

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Weaving resistance

DocuPerú, with the support of the Programme for Democracy and Global Transformation has produced a video on the criminalisation of the struggle for water in Celendin (Cajamarca, Peru) against the background of the opposition of the inhabitants to mining projects which pollute the liquid so crucial to the farmers in …

Mount Isa, Australia

Children and Lead Pollution

Results of a study  carried out by Professor Mark Taylor which  tested soil, dust and air near the Mount Isa mine  (Queensland, Australia ) between 2005 and 2008 found mining emissions are a cause of lead poisoning in Mount Isa children.