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October 2010

Mining in El Salvador

The award winning film-maker Michael Watts has made a short video documenting the struggle of Cabañas, against Canadian company Pacific Rim. The video can be accessed here: Amanecer a medianoche from Michael Watts on Vimeo.

Building women’s capacity in Ecuador

For a second year running members of the group “Women Defenders of Mother Earth” have organised training sessions on permaculture gardens. The practical workshops facilitated by an agricultural adviser give women the skills to understand not only how nature works but also how to use permaculture principles to build a …

Persecution of Yukpa Chief Sabino Romero

For the last ten years Chief Sabino Romero has experienced persecution. This is the result of his work in defence of land rights for his people, the Yukpa. His community “Chaktapa” is located in the cloud forest known as “Sierra de Perija”. This is a range of inhospitable mountains on …