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Letter on violations

We have written to the signatories of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights to express our grave concern about the continuing human rights violations against Máxima Acuña Chaupe in Peru.


Consultation and Consent Confirmed

In an historic resolution, a Guatemalan Appeals Court ruled recently that the government must take into account the right to free, prior and informed consent when granting mining licences on the lands of indigenous communities.

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Rights trampled in Peru

The Irish organisation Front Line Defenders has published an in-depth analysis of the environmental situation in Peru together with a short video following a visit there.

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Peru’s dangerous environmental regression

Al Jazeera has produced a comprehensive analysis of the current situation in Peru around mining and the environment. Peru has substantially pared domestic environmental regulations — arguing that this is necessary to attract investment.  

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Malaria and mining

The BBC has a very good article on the relationship between malaria and mining in south-eastern Venezuela. “Both the government and critics agree that the cause of the surge [in malaria] is in part due to to the boom of illegal gold mining in the region. Mining was introduced to …