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House of Lords, London

During a recent debate on worldwide human rights abuses, Baroness Miller paid tribute to LAMMP in her address on Supporting Women Human Rights Defenders in Central and South America. Baroness Miller’s address to the House of Lords My Lords, I am grateful to the noble Lord, Lord Alton, for drawing …

Guatemala Conference Statement

Reaffirming our commitments as peasant, indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, our vision is one of respect for Mother Earth because for us she is Sacred and is part of our Spiritual Trinity: Nature, Creator-Shaper and Human Being;

European Speakers Tour

LAMMP and the Union of Latin American Women (ULAM) hosted the first European Speakers’ Tour. The Tour provided a forum for a number of rural and indigenous women activists from Latin America to voice their concerns and share their experiences with the European public and members of parliament.

The Guardian 12 /10/09

In “Women Fight South American Mines” Kathryn Hopkins reports on our European Tour and the visit of “a group of South American women arrived in Britain this week to highlight the plight of indigenous people around the world fighting international mining companies.”

International Day of the Indigenous Woman

5 September is the International day of the indigenous women, in which the cruel death of Bartolina Sissa is commemorated in La Paz, Bolivia. El 5 de septiembre se celebró el Día Internacional de la Mujer Indígena, instituido el año 1983 durante el Segundo Encuentro de Organizaciones y Movimientos de …