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Consultation and Consent Confirmed

In an historic resolution, a Guatemalan Appeals Court ruled recently that the government must take into account the right to free, prior and informed consent when granting mining licences on the lands of indigenous communities.


La Puya photo essay

The excellent photo journalist James Rodríguez has produced another outstanding article, this time on the peaceful resistance at La Puya (Guatemala) against the El Tambor gold mine on its second anniversary.

Death in Totonicapan

We stand in solidarity with our Maya sisters and brothers in Guatemala and the families who have suffered the loss of lives due to violence on October 4, 2012. We express our profound concern and indignation for the events that took place in Totonicapan in the region known as Alaska …

IAHCR “deeply concerned” about Guatemala

IACHR Commissioner Dinah Shelton in her capacity as Rapporteur for Guatemala and Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples expressed deep concern for the high levels of violence against women reported in Guatemala. Commissioner Shelton is deeply concerned about the grave human rights situation affecting indigenous peoples in Guatemala, a …