ALERT Renewed attacks against Maxima

London 4th February 2016 Please stand in solidarity with Máxima and her family, and sign this Urgent Action by Thursday 11th February 2016 by emailing [email protected] (La versión española está disponible aquí) ** Update: 12th February 2016: The above Urgent action was delivered on Thursday 11th February with incredible solidarity and support from international organisations and individuals. …


The Lady of the Blue Lagoon versus the Black Lagoon

An in-depth article (in Spanish) on the life and struggle of Maxima Acuna Atalaya, published in the online magazine Etiqueta Negra. Throughout these lines, the author invites the reader to meet Maxima; a shy and discrete rural woman, who is challenging injustice, predatory extractivism and criminalisation against all odds. Both LAMMP and its sister organisation, …


Newmont Mining Corporation and the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights: The case of Máxima Acuña Chaupe

Máxima Acuña Chaupe is a campesina (rural woman) who lives in Tragadero Grande, a remote land-based community in the Cajamarca province in the Northern highlands of Peru. All her life, she has survived as a subsistence farmer, cultivating home-grown crops, tending farm animals and producing indigenous Andean garments she would sell in local markets in …


Weaving resistance

DocuPerú, with the support of the Programme for Democracy and Global Transformation has produced a video on the criminalisation of the struggle for water in Celendin (Cajamarca, Peru) against the background of the opposition of the inhabitants to mining projects which pollute the liquid so crucial to the farmers in Celendin. Despite many families having …


Children and Lead Pollution

Results of a study  carried out by Professor Mark Taylor which  tested soil, dust and air near the Mount Isa mine  (Queensland, Australia ) between 2005 and 2008 found mining emissions are a cause of lead poisoning in Mount Isa children.

The women of Cañaris

A meeting of the indigenous women’s group ONAMIAP (Indigenous Andean, Amazonian and Afro-Peruvian Women of Peru), held in early February, 2013, called for the authorities not to neglect their obligations and to guarantee, by complying with the law of a democratic state, the collective rights of the Cañaris community. The Cañaris are

Heavy police presence at Conga

Hundreds of police from the Special Operations Divison have appeared at the Conga mine in Peru. By agreement with the managers of the Newmont Mining Corporation, the workers are returning home every day. They start at 4 in the morning, and return at 4 in the afternoon. The police spend the night at the camp, …