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Mujeres del Agua national press coverage

The work of one of our groups in Venezuela, Mujeres del Agua, has been described in an article in Últimas Noticias, a national newspaper with a wide circulation. The article was written by Yolanda Jaimes, professor in law at the Central University in Caracas.  

Between Gold and Tradition

Manuela Gallini, member of our group Mujeres del Agua in Venezuela, has written an article on the situation in the south-east of the country entitled “Between Gold and Tradition”. The original text in Spanish is available here, and a (rough) translation into English is available here.

In Venezuela a long struggle for justice finally bears fruits

On the 10th May 2011 the 2nd Tribunal of the state of Trujillo (Venezuela) absolved the indigenous Yuckpa SABINO ROMERO IZARRA (chief of his community) and indigenous Wayuu leader ALEXANDER FERNÀNDEZ of the crimes for which they had suffered persecution and incarceration. At the hearing the defending team provided evidence …


Relatives of Yukpa chieftain Sabino Romero will attend a hearing this month to be held during the 141st ordinary session of the InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) in Washington D.C. The hearing, requested on the 24th of January 2011, will consider issues of the jurisdiction of indigenous peoples and …

Persecution of Yukpa Chief Sabino Romero

For the last ten years Chief Sabino Romero has experienced persecution. This is the result of his work in defence of land rights for his people, the Yukpa. His community “Chaktapa” is located in the cloud forest known as “Sierra de Perija”. This is a range of inhospitable mountains on …