What’s in your watch?

Illegal gold mine in Peru. Phto Sourc: The Guardian 2013, Esteban Felix /AP

From the watch on your wrist to your DSLR camera, and even in the paint you spread on your canvas, there are traces of mineral resources mined from across the world, and extensively in South and Central America. There is no doubt that mineral extraction is the backbone for the industries of Fashion, Arts, Music and Entertainment (FAME).

LAMMP is demanding for further scrutiny and transparency in the global trade of mineral resources throughout the supply chain: Across Latin America, indigenous and rural communities are experiencing first hand the encroachment of both industrial and illegal miners, driven by the demand for gold, copper, silver, iron ore, etc. With devastating impacts on the environment, livelihoods, health and human rights rural and indigenous women bear the brunt of these destructive processes.

For more information on the implications of FAME industries for indigenous and rural women and their communities in Latin America, read LAMMP’s submission on Mining and Fashion here.